Open Weekend successfully complete!

The folks that came to our annual Open Weekend for the first time experienced a taste of the teachings and ceremonies of the SMSD Path, with much excitement & personal realizations. We look forward to welcoming those who will start their own journey towards greater knowledge, personal healing and spiritual evolution with our coming Year

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The Arrows & the Journey

Some days we are happy, motivated and connected … in the flow, doing whatever feeds our spirit, full of energy, taking care of our health and so forth … we smile at the world and the world smiles back, and then, bang!  A person, a situation or event ‘triggers’ us and we are knocked off

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Are you in the driving seat?

Most of our suffering as humans is caused by imbalances; the unmet needs, woundings and dependencies created from our past, which in turn, create the fears, worries, anxieties, confusion, resistance and doubts about our future.

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