Our Vision

On our Lodge Shield, there are galloping gold horses, a lightning bolt, a rainbow and a warrior.
These symbols carry a profound meaning from prophecies made thousands of years ago, called the Rainbow Bridge Prophecies.
The entire series is too extensive to write here, but the following excerpt is pertinent to our Lodge Shield.
… We speak of a race between a dark horse and a gold horse. The dark horse carries our inhumanity, the worst we humans are capable of.
The gold horse represents our shining, that is, our ability to live in harmony with each other and the Earth, to create a world without tyranny and ignorance. It carries our compassion, balance, individual autonomy and our unbounded potential to become a Sacred Human, that is, a Rainbow Light Warrior. “

Every moment of our lives, each of us choose which horse we will feed or give our energy to, through our choice of thoughts and behaviours.

Our Lodge is committed to feeding the Gold Horse by offering all those who have the desire, to walk the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path towards heart, healing, and connection. To give their unique contribution to Life through personal growth & spiritual evolution and birth the Gold Horse’s four colts named Beauty, Power, Knowledge & Freedom.