Our Vision

On our Lodge Shield, there are galloping gold horses, a lightning bolt, a rainbow and a warrior.
These symbols are from the Rainbow Bridge Prophecies and hold profound meaning.
The entire series of prophecies is too extensive to write here, but the following excerpt is pertinent to our Lodge Shield.
… We speak of a race between a dark horse and a gold horse. The dark horse carries our inhumanity, the worst we humans are capable of.
The gold horse represents our shining, that is, our ability to live in harmony with each other and the Earth, to create a world without tyranny and ignorance. It carries our compassion, balance, individual autonomy and our unbounded potential to become a Sacred Human, that is, a Rainbow Light Warrior.

In every moment of our lives, each of us choose which horse we will feed or give our energy to, through our thoughts and behaviour.

Our Lodge is committed to feeding the Gold Horse by offering you the possibility to walk the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path towards heart, connection and healing, as it is your unique contribution to Life through your personal growth and spiritual evolution that will birth the Gold Horse’s four colts named Beauty, Power, Knowledge and Freedom.

Heal – Grow – Change

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path is a shamanic tradition dedicated to spiritual
evolution by sharing knowledge that guides and inspires us to Heal, Grow, and
Transform. We are supported in this process by learning how to establish a deep
connection to Nature, because Nature teaches us how we are interconnected with all
of Life. This is a Path of the Spiritual Warrior who chooses to battle with their inner
darkness, overcome limitations, and offer a greater light to humanity. It is a path of
healing, where we learn to heal ourselves and thus learn to help others heal.

7 Principles are in the heart of the SMSD Path.

Our culture and practices are inspired and guided by our 7 Principles. These
are the guiding core values that we collectively and individually stand for, and are at
the heart of our approach as an ethical and responsible organization.
These values also provide the basis for our rules of conduct and principles of action.
They are part of our organizational DNA, shaping our culture, and producing a
mindset that encompasses integrity and ethical behaviour.

Openness, transparency, and loyalty. True connection and reflection begin with the
willingness to see the truth of what is. Honesty is daring to look at oneself in the mirror,
and say, “This is me.” We strive to be open to new experiences, and to integrate other
points of view.

This is the unwavering internal desire to do what is right no matter what.
Combined with authenticity, it is the willingness to go deep within and to sit with
what is real and true. Integrity with authenticity is the power of self-ownership, our
willingness to own ourselves where and how we are, with responsibility and
self-authority. Personal transformation occurs when we are committed to what is right,
even when it means admitting our ego is wrong. This is commitment to a greater Truth.

Begins with respecting ourselves for who we are and what we are capable of, combined
with self-forgiveness. Respect, honour, and benevolence guide us to be compassionate
and accept others with appreciation for who they are in their uniqueness. We are all
human beings in the act of becoming.

Is having all parts in right relationship, working in harmony to create something greater
than the sum of the parts. Inner balance unlocks our natural authentic expression. We
call this our Beauty. As spiritual warriors, we are committed to balance and engage the
battle with our inner darkness, so that our light may prevail. Only when we are
balanced, can we make lasting positive impact and bring greater Beauty to Life.

Is experienced when we see that we can make decisions that impact and make a
difference in our life. It is not what happens to me, but rather what I do with what
happens to me, that shapes my life. Self-empowerment occurs when we make the
conscious decision to take charge of our own destiny.

Is felt. True knowledge is gained from life experience and the most valuable knowledge
is self-knowledge. When we apply our knowledge in a co-empowering way that benefits
all life, we discover wisdom. We value knowledge that makes a positive difference, that
heals, inspires, empowers, opens heart-felt acceptance, increases presence, and
leads to greater truths. This is knowledge that works.

Our Authentic Genuine Self resides inside us. It is unique, profound, and priceless. Now
is the time to stop trying to fit in, belong, and conform. Something unique cannot be
compared to another or told it doesn’t measure up. It is unique. Risk and dare to be
your inner True Nature, even if some see it as quirky. It is something that has never been
seen before. Who you truly are contains boundless beauty and will inspire anyone with
whom you share yourself.