" When I first met the SMSD Path, I was constantly looking for something that I was missing, but I did not know what it was. During the introduction & doing ceremonies out in nature my whole being sensed a feeling of coming home. My journey since then has been a constant search for what that connection is and how to cultivate it. Thanks to my teacher’s dedication to this Path & her willingness to support and challenge me to grow, I now have tools to lead myself in a direction in my life that is beyond what I could have imagined.Through this Path, I have been invited to make my own unique connection to Spirit and nature and I have found a deep belonging and sense of Self."
"At my first meeting in the RLW Lodge, my whole being was touched by the way the Twisted Hairs speak, connect and work with all worlds of Grandmother Earth. I knew inside that I was in the correct place. My lower Self was confronted by the rules of engagement, protocols and requirements, and also by working in a group. However, none of that could outweigh the power of the teachings; the wheels & keys gave me a straight tool to actively work with my shadow. The generosity, patience and sobriety of my teachers have provided me with a space to grow and mature, and I hope that the day will come when I can give back to them 10 fold."
” I had been searching and exploring things like yoga, self-development festivals and different workshops for sometime, but I did not find how to deal with challenging life situations.
I started the Gateway program because I deeply desired a spiritual path and I was ready to commit to one. The teachings gave me a map of Life that helped me go deeper and understand the underlying cause. They touched me more than anything before; I could see where things went wrong and how to turn to the light, instead of being stuck.
I am very grateful to the teachers and the abundance of ceremonies, meditations, teachings and much more that this Path has to offer.
Sometimes it can be challenging, but in the end it makes me grow, and that is what I am here for.”
"I highly recommend the RLW Lodge programs, the lodge leaders have knowledge, integrity, experience, and wisdom that is very rare. I am forever grateful. 

At my first meeting I experienced a powerful sensation of pure love, a deep feeling of coming home to myself and my essence, and at the same time connected to the big mystery of existence.
I have been given tools to teach and heal myself, and guidance to go through ceremonies that have changed my life at its very core. The benefits are beyond words; but in short, the results are stronger health, happy heart, a harmonious and joyful mind, and curiosity towards the mysteries in life. Life has become much more fun!"
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