Are you in the driving seat?

… or do you feel like an unwilling passenger?

Most of our suffering as humans is caused by imbalances; the unmet needs, woundings and dependencies created from our past, which in turn, create the fears, worries, anxieties, confusion, resistance and doubts about our future.
We are taught that these imbalances are found in the Child and Adult Substance Shields. These Substance Shields carry the physical gender energies within our Luminosity or aura.

Each time we meet the world from these parts of ourselves we repeat karmic patterns of suffering; seemingly ‘things’ just happen and no matter what we try to do, we find ourselves in the same type of situations, like a passenger being taken to the same destination over and over again.

As an intelligent and resourceful person, you are most probably aware of the patterns that do not work for you and have tried your best to make changes, but often the cause of the imbalance is hidden, tricky or difficult to pinpoint, let alone change!

In essence, there is nothing ‘wrong’, it is the process of movement from unconscious karmic patterns to conscious understanding that is the learning every human must inevitably take, and it will lead to productive change eventually!
However, it goes slowly and there can be many dead ends, detours or even accidents …a great deal of time and energy spent suffering in the passenger seat.

The Good News!
We can choose to move over to the driver seat, take the wheel, and determine the course of our journey by uncovering the causes of our suffering and bringing them into the light of consciousness to heal.
Our healing leads us to greater maturity and gives us access to our Spirit Shields; our Warrior/Healer and our Magickal Child, who also reside in our Luminosity & carry the energy of the gender opposite to our Substance Shields.
As we develop or evolve further, a sacred marriage between our feminine & masculine energies is possible and we are firmly in the driving seat.

Our lodge programs will give you maps to discover and heal the imbalances, and discover skills and talents hidden within your natural Self. Participation in safe and powerful ceremonies will open the channels of communication with your higher self and Spirit.
You will learn effective tools and master techniques that provide the opportunity to take the wheel and chart your journey, free to choose the route to wherever you desire your destination to be!