The principles and knowledge were formalised in 1250 BCE as the teachings and practices of the Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders. Metis means ‘mixed blood’. Since then, the Twisted Hair Elders have protected and passed on this body of knowledge to each new generation of apprentices. Today it is known as the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path (SMSD).

The Deer Tribe
Metis Medicine Society

In 1975 the Council of Elders determined to open the SMSD Path to the greater human collective.
Their intent; to reawaken the people’s heart connection to Grandmother Earth and to assist in the balancing of masculine/feminine energies on our planet.
Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, a Twisted Hair Elder, was one of those designated to carry these teachings to the people, and in 1986, he founded The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS) in Arizona, USA – as a non-profit organization.

Guided by the Twisted Hair Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders, the Deer Tribe provides training, support and guidance for SMSD apprentices to carry forward the alchemy, knowledge, power & beauty of this ancient wisdom school into modern times for all those who desire to heal and consciously evolve.

Our Lodge leaders

A lodge leader is an active apprentice who has been rigorously trained & tested to uphold the SMSD Standards of Excellence, a prerequisite to teaching, guiding & leading ceremonies in integrity & safety.
They assist us to achieve heightened awareness of our Self & our life. This allows a shift in our perception & facilitates our ability to achieve that which we desire for ourselves, our life & our relationships.

Anders has been an SMSD apprentice since 1997 and Nicola since 2001, both are currently at the end of the 5th Gateway.