To meet the challenges that have manifested in the world, we have re-designed the format & structure of our gateway programs.

Our group programs run from October to August each year and consist of 8 online teaching days and 2 ceremonial gatherings in Nature, where we have the opportunity to do longer ceremonies, training and practices.

We also offer the possibility of individual year programs that include the same content as the group programs, but that will be structured around your specific needs regarding dates and speed of growth.

One to One sessions can also be arranged where the focus is on specific issues that you need or desire to work with. The dates and number of these sessions are decided as we go along.

For further information/registration on all programs/sessions please use the contact form.

Wheels of Knowledge

Wheels or circles have been used by wisdom and mystery schools for millennia to describe the patterns of life and Creation to facilitate human understanding.

The SMSD Wheels of Knowledge enable us to understand and consciously establish our interconnection with all forms of life. There is no beginning or end point when one views life from within a circle, there are simply changing points of reference that facilitate our capacity for an open, flexible, clear mind. Linear thinking is a limited, artificial construct or illusion, as the natural world, life and Creation itself move and evolve in circles or cycles.
Also, our right brain naturally works in a circular fashion, which is the part we cultivate when playing/working with the wheels and keys. This may be a new experience for some, but with a little practice it allows us to tap into our original creativity and bypasses the need for rote learning.

Warrior Tasks

The Wheels of Knowledge give us intellectual or theoretical concepts, connections and possibilities. However, for real change to occur it is necessary for us to make the shift from believing something, to knowing something.
True knowledge is felt.
By applying the teachings and practices in our lives we test them, to see if they truly work as keys that unlock the doors to that which we are seeking to experience in our life.
It is when we feel the transformation of health in our body, balance in our emotions, enjoy clarity in our mind and the expansion of our Spirit that we know. The transformation is integrated – the knowledge has become our own.


Engaging in ceremony is a personal act of empowerment that brings an awakening and strengthens our spiritual connection and a gain in our energy. During a ceremony we experience other states of consciousness, our awareness is heightened, we are able to see from another perspective and experience different dimensions. This expansion takes us into connection with Creation and accelerates transformation.