Our year programs are created so that a student may complete each gateway in 2 – 3 years if they desire.
However, as unique individuals with different lifestyles, needs & challenges, each student chooses the speed of their process by committing for 1 year at a time. Within each year program are specific teachings, techniques or practices, warrior tasks, and ceremonies.

The year programs run from October to August and consist of 4-weekend meetings plus 2 – 6 ceremonial days, where students & apprentices have the opportunity to do longer ceremonies or training.

SMSD Wheels of Knowledge

Wheels or circles have been used by wisdom schools for millennia to describe the patterns of life and Creation to facilitate human understanding.

The SMSD Wheels of Knowledge enable us to understand and consciously establish our interconnection with all forms of life. Linear thinking is considered to be a limited, artificial construct or illusion as the natural world, life and Creation itself move & evolve in circles or cycles.
As our right brain naturally works in a circular fashion the wheels and keys are easy to learn & play/work with and encourage our own original creativity.
There is no beginning or end point when one views life from within a circle, there are simply changing points of reference.

Warrior Tasks

The wheels of knowledge give us an intellectual understanding of concepts, connections and possibilities. However, it is necessary to make the movement from believing something to knowing something.
By applying the teachings & practices in our lives through warrior task assignments, we test them to see if they truly work as keys that unlock the doors to that which we are seeking.
When we feel the benefit in our body & experience productive change in our relationships & life, we are sure the knowledge works. We have integrated it and we know – the knowledge has become our own.


Performing ceremony is a personal act of power that brings a gain in our energy. During a ceremony we experience other states of consciousness, our awareness is heightened, we are able to see from another perspective and experience different dimensions.
This expansion accelerates our transformation, taking us out of feelings of separation & into connection with Creation.