Open Weekend successfully complete!

The folks that came to our annual Open Weekend for the first time experienced a taste of the teachings and ceremonies of the SMSD Path, with much excitement & personal realizations. We look forward to welcoming those who will start their own journey towards greater knowledge, personal healing and spiritual evolution with our coming Year program.

We send well-deserved congratulations to the wonderful people who have completed this year’s program. It is very rewarding to witness how the recapitulation of the wisdom you have gained, and the harvest of your many, and varied victories throughout this past year, inspire your desire to go further.

Registration for our coming year program closes on the 20th September.

In these turbulent times of 2019 the need for the heart of humanity to step forward with strength, beauty & purpose is obvious.

With this in mind, to those of you reading this, if you feel an attraction to join our circle, or any genuine Path with Heart for that matter, act upon it.
Our year programs offer healing practices to restore balance, increase your energy to heighten your awareness, reduce stress and improve your relationship to your Self, Life & others.

The only time that matters is the present. If the present is not how you desire it to be, do not wait. It is through our individual evolution that we contribute to the potential of the human collective to come into alignment with Grandmother Earth and her Worlds.