The Gateway Process is a purposeful journey towards your evolutionary potential guided by the Great Teachers Nature and Spirit.
Within each consecutive gateway are specific teachings, initiations, practices and ceremonies that lead to increased self-knowledge, balance and maturity, ultimately revealing the True Nature of your Undiscovered Self. 
It is from being centred in our True Nature that we come into alignment and may co-create with Life and others through pleasure and knowledge, instead of pain & suffering. 

We offer you the possibility to participate in our gateway year programs as part of a small group or individually.


The Great Work...
To begin the path towards knowledge of healing & ceremonial alchemy.
We focus on discovering the Spiritual warrior within.


The intent of this first gateway is to discover your path with heart and explore your relationship to the Worlds of Grandmother Earth. This is the beginning of your inner journey to heal and reconnect with Creation.

The following teachings are included in the curriculum within this gateway:

The Elements – This is a basic and effective introduction to the laws of energy and alchemy that will initiate the process of balancing the 5 aspects of Self, (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual & sexual), through establishing a direct connection to the Elements of Creation and the Powers of the Four Directions.

The 20 Count is a numerical system that assists us in understanding the energetic vibrational qualities, or powers, of Creation. We can use this structure to discover how the ‘outer’ world’s energies relate to each other, and also, where & how they resonate within us.
As Above, So Below – As Within, So Without.

The Star Maidens Circle is the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ of the SMSD teachings. It is a code wheel, or key, that unlocks the door into our psyche. It can show us our imbalances, wounding, conditioned reactions, fears, etc. and also our true needs, desires and unique gifts. With this knowledge, we discover how to heal the Self and may choose how we experience and meet life.

The Moon Cycles show us the natural cycles of learning and development that each human takes from birth to death. It is a map of the path we take around the Wheel of Life.
To be consciously aware of where we are on the map within our personal cycles allows us to see how a particular movement, shift or change will promote alignment with the greater cycles of Creation. We may then use this knowledge to optimize our growth and development as co-creators.


This gateway builds upon the foundation of knowledge, experience & growth gained from
the first gateway, and we now turn our attention to substance – the body & the physical, or tonal reality.


The following teachings are a sample from the curriculum for this gateway:

The Human Flowering Tree
These teachings hold the key that opens the door for us to discover our Natural Self, that is, who we were born to be. We learn the ‘anatomy’ of our Luminosity (aura) and how it works together with our physical body to create our state of health, our perception of reality and our connection to Creation.

The 5 Attentions within the 5 Minds and the 6 States of Consciousness
Here we learn about the Nature of our Mind and the scope of what human consciousness may encompass. We are taught specific techniques and disciplines that will develop the different attentions and heighten our awareness. When practiced, these techniques assist us to feel the effects that particular inner dialogue has on us and how it colours our perception of ‘reality’.
This ‘felt’ knowledge gives us a personal experience and understanding of the Mind-Body connection – how we may create our reality, and by practicing specific disciplines, we may clear the mind so that it is receptive to the guidance of our own innate inner wisdom.

The 5 Evolutionary States
This is a comprehensive overview of our human evolutionary potential.
We begin by investigating the stages of individual physical and spiritual development, and continue with the evolutionary stages within our human collectives; family, image-makers, cultures, etc. and how we can be at the effect of the molding, sculpting and armoring from them.
We then expand our perspective to include the evolutionary spirals of the Soul’s emotion or energy in motion, also known as the Wheel of our Akashic Records. This leads us to address the process of the Soul’s maturation, this knowledge allows us to recognize and own our potential. The teachings, techniques, disciplines, and ceremonies within the gateway programs support us to actualize this potential.

The Star Maidens Circle (SMC) and The Infinity Movement
Here we hone our knowledge and skills by learning how to use the SMC to focus on our individual way of interacting with the Wheel of Life to reveal the patterns of how we think, react and behave. This gives us insights into how some of the patterns we run in our life are unproductive, sabotage our true needs and desires, block us from our health, cause difficulties in our relationships, put us into separation, and repress the complete expression of our Natural Self.
From this understanding, we learn how to use the Infinity Movement to discover how to change or break these unproductive patterns and replace them with productive or procreative ones.


The journey continues to expand our knowledge base further. We seek the form that will support
the continuation of our spiritual evolution, so that we are able to be of service to our Self, Life, and others -
A Rainbow Warrior.


We enter the 3rd Gateway to create the form that will bring together all that we have gained, learned and experienced through the previous gateways.
As we integrate at a deeper level we learn how to navigate our way through the 5 Movements of the Book of Life: Erasing personal history, Meeting Death as an Ally, Stopping the World, Controlling the Dream and Assuming authority by taking our Power. This enables us to fuel our spiritual determination to be truly in alignment with Creation and gives us the opportunity to evolve further, if we choose, to become awake, alert and aware to our True Nature.

The Art of Controlled Dreaming
Here we dive into further reaches of the human Mind, the mind/body connection and the different levels of attention, consciousness and awareness.
Attention = Power
Dreaming has tonal (3rd dimension) and nagual (5th dimension) components. Everything that manifests in the 3rd dimension is dreamed in the 5th dimension first. For this reason it is preferable to be aware of what we are dreaming.
We investigate the different levels of dreaming and practice techniques that enable us to wake up, or become aware within our dreaming and control or become attentive to our experience.

Our understanding and skill in using the Star Maiden’s Circle is taken to the next level, where we discover how to map out and put into practice our own individual, original Dharmic Life Pattern.

In this gateway, we are also introduced to The Healing Paradigm of the Twisted Hairs, which is an highly sophisticated, holistic body of teachings, techniques, tools and empowering healing ceremonies that enable us to not only treat symptoms, but identify and deal with the primary cause of sickness, disease and illness.