Shamanic Sisterhood Circle
Shamanic sisterhood and
brotherhood circles

Our sister- and brotherhood circles offers time-honored knowledge, practices, and ceremonies
of the Twisted Hairs that guide, support, and empower women and men
to meet the challenges of our modern lifestyles and culture.

Shamanic Brotherhood Circle

Set aside April 27 – 28, 2024 and join the transformation!

Location: Evje Gård, Sigdal

In our Brotherhood Circle the teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path are
explored from a masculine perspective, and active participation in the ceremonies is
experienced. During the ceremonies we achieve heightened awareness and states of
consciousness that shed light on how we can refine our character, be true to
ourselves and bring balance personally and collectively to our world.

The theme for this weekend:

  • How to balance our feminine receptive creative energy & masculine active
    conceptive energy?
  • How do we contribute to the problems we face, and how we can meet the
    challenges, grow and transform to be part of the solution?
  • We will build the Purification lodge and hold a Purification Lodge ceremony.
    On Sunday before the ceremony we will fast. After the ceremony there will be shared
    soul food.

NOK 1950
Payment to be received by April 18th, 2024.

To register or ask questions contact: 
Registration closes on April 8, 2024

Anders “Life Spirit” Naess is a qualified Purification Lodge DC in the Sweet Medicine Sundance Tradition through the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society and co-lodge leader for the Rainbow Light Warriors Lodge in Norway, together with Nicola “Earth Snake” Samad.

To bring:

  • Tobacco (preferably organic, or with no additives) to seal your ceremonial intent
  • Medicine gifts (energy exchange) for the Dance chief and crew.
  • Your own lunch for Saturday.
  • A water bottle (not glass or metal).
  • Light snacks e.g. nuts

Shamanic Sisterhood Circle

Date: 4-5 May, 2024
Time: 11:00 – 20:30
Location: Evje Gård, Prestfoss

Our Sisterhood Circle offers the time-honored knowledge, practices, and ceremonies of the Twisted Hairs that guide, support, and empower women to meet the challenges of our modern lifestyles and culture.

In the fourth gathering of this series we will explore the profound energies of the Earth element. Women are Earth beings and therefore it is essential for us to consciously connect with this element to bring grounded stability, enduring self-care and health in our physical bodies.

The Earth element also teaches us to truly experience the Powers of Introspection and Intuition that reside in our wombs, and how to honour our physical bodies as sacred vessels of Spirit. Through deep connection with the Earth element we become receptive to what needs to transform, change or die within us and in our everyday lives, so that we can birth new life – the dream seeds we desire to bring into fruition will have fertile ground to root and grow.

Our day on May 4th will consist of:

  • Teachings
  • Personal ceremony in nature
  • A group Mesa working
  • Sharing circle

There is also an invitation for you to stay overnight at Evje, and participate in a Purification Lodge ceremony on Sunday May 5th to deeply integrate the teachings from the day before, and experience the healing that comes from being in the womb space of Grandmother Earth.

You decide if you want to join for one or two days. The spots for day two are limited.


Sisterhood Gathering on May 4th: NOK 1 750
Purification Lodge on May 5th: NOK 850 (material cost)
Accommodation: NOK 400

If you join for both days it will be 3000 NOK.


To register, send an email to, and request the information brochure and a registration link and ask any questions that you may have.

Registration closes on April 25th.


Nicola Samad is one of our RLW Lodge leaders; she is a gifted ceremonialist, teacher, mentor, and guide who continually expands her knowledge and experience through her own Gateway process as a Twisted Hair. Her ability to create a welcoming, supportive, and inspiring group matrix comes from a strong heart space, with clear awareness and a genuine understanding of how lasting change and transformation occur.

This is the forth in a series of day-long gatherings to learn from The 5 Sacred Elements of Creation
Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and the Void are the foundation of life on our planet, together they create the balance and stability that makes all Life possible. To flourish we must also have a stable elemental foundation to build upon in our lives, and so this series focuses on experiential connection and alignment with the Sacred Elements.

Purification Lodge
Purification Lodge

The SMSD Purification Lodge is considered to be the womb of Grandmother Earth – we emerge from the lodge ‘reborn’ & reconnected to life & spirit.

These ceremonies are led by a fully qualified ceremonial Dance Chief in our Twisted Hairs tradition and are an integral part of our year programs.

The primary purpose of this ceremony is to cleanse and re-establish a connection to Spirit through intent and prayer. The specific intent will vary, for example, it may be to align with the natural cycles, to heal the body, mind, and spirit, to replenish our energy, to ask for guidance, or support with a loss or change, for a closer connection to one’s Higher Self, or to offer prayers for others.

Sacred Drum
Sacred Drum

Oslo Drum Circle – All are welcome!

Ceremonial Drumming & Chanting
The drum is a powerful medicine tool and our voice is a key to gain valuable and valid insights into our Natural Self.

Through drumming & chanting songs of power together, we enter into the heightened awareness of deep ceremonial space and learn how to express with intimacy, access our autonomy within our individuality and find our strong heart.

Oslo Drum Circle
The drum is a generous being and opens our hearts as we sing ‘gathering songs’ from SMSD Path. We sing and play until we feel ‘well-vibrated’ in every cell in the body.
No prior knowledge is necessary to attend this circle and there are no expectations.
This is an enjoyable way to get to know your voice and musicality.

Come with an open mind and a child’s curiosity!

For info & registration contact:
mob: 97657009

Open weekend
Open weekend

Our Lodge’s annual Open weekend is an opportunity for you to experience the beauty and power of the ceremonies, investigate the depth and functionality of the teaching wheels and keys, to discover if this Path speaks to your heart and attracts your spirit to begin the journey through the Gateways.