Open Weekend

27 – 30 August 2020


Each year we hold an ‘Open Weekend’ for those who are interested in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.
This is an opportunity for you to experience the beauty & power of the ceremonies, the depth and functionality of the teachings, and discover if this is a Path that speaks to your heart.

Our next Open Weekend is 27 – 30 August 2020
If you would like to attend use the contact page to receive more information.

Purification Lodge

The SMSD Purification Lodge is considered to be the womb of Grandmother Earth – we emerge from the lodge ‘reborn’ & reconnected to life & spirit.


These ceremonies are lead by a fully qualified ceremonial Dance Chief in the Twisted Hairs tradition & are an integral part of our Gateway programs.

The primary purpose of this ceremony is to cleanse & re-establish a connection to Spirit through prayer.
The specific intent, for example, may be to align with the natural cycles, to heal the body, mind & spirit, to replenish our energy, to ask for guidance, or support with a loss or change, for a closer connection to one’s Higher Self, or to offer prayers for others.

All who attend our yearly Open Weekend are welcome to experience the beauty and healing of this ancient powerful ceremony.

Sacred Drum

Oslo Drum Circle – All are welcome!


Ceremonial Drumming & Chanting
The drum is a powerful medicine tool and our voice is a key to gain valuable and valid insights into our Natural Self.

Through drumming & chanting songs of power together, we enter into the heightened awareness of deep ceremonial space and learn how to express with intimacy, access our autonomy within our individuality and find our strong heart.

Oslo Drum Circle
The drum is a generous being and opens our hearts as we sing ‘gathering songs’ from SMSD Path. We sing and play until we feel ‘well-vibrated’ in every cell in the body.
No prior knowledge is necessary to attend this circle and there are no expectations.
This is an enjoyable way to get to know your voice and musicality.

Come with an open mind and a child’s curiosity!

For info & registration contact:
mob: 97657009