The Arrows & the Journey

Some days we are happy, motivated and connected … in the flow, doing whatever feeds our spirit, full of energy, taking care of our health and so forth … we smile at the world and the world smiles back, and then, bang! 

A person, a situation or event ‘triggers’ us, we are knocked off centre and an unconscious reaction kicks in. Perhaps we experience frustration, find ourselves in judgement or anger, making comparisons, or maybe slide into apathy, blame, shame or guilt.
Our teachings describe these types of unconscious reactions as dark arrows that we shoot at ourselves, life or others. No matter what flavour of dark arrow reaction we shoot in the moment, it will always undermine our Self-concept and distort how we view and show up in our world. 

If we are willing, we can heal the triggers and break the dark arrows by choosing to pick up the 7 Light Arrows.
We start with picking up the first light arrow of Self-Awareness and shift our focus from the person or event to the Self and our inner attitude. We shine the light of Self Awareness into the darkness of the unconscious and make it conscious; “What is it I feel or think I am experiencing? Where does this dark arrow arise in me?

The second light arrow of Self-Appreciation shines even more light as we shift our inner attitude and open our hearts to ourselves to see the substance of who we are from a greater perspective, this includes all of the learning, the knowledge, and the victories in our growth and maturity that we have gained in our life experience so far.

From this place, we can pick up the third light arrow of Self-Acceptance bringing greater illumination that inspires us to seek a different approach in how to engage the challenge we are facing in the moment.
Is there something that needs attention or healing? Is there something that needs to change? What can I learn here?
Learning how to master balance; keeping our hearts open to ourselves, Life and others, while dealing effectively with the challenges that life will present to us is the form of our growth and evolution.

How we choose to experience the challenges that are presented in our life’s journey is up to us – we can, if we desire, pick up the fourth light arrow to fuel our spirit and determine to learn through pleasure and knowledge, instead of the pain and suffering of the dark arrows.

The full and comprehensive teaching of the 7 Arrows is part of our year program.
You are most welcome to join us!