The Arrows & the Journey

Some days we are happy, motivated and connected … in the flow, doing whatever feeds our spirit, full of energy, taking care of our health and so forth … we smile at the world and the world smiles back, and then, bang! 

A person, a situation or event ‘triggers’ us and we are knocked off centre. An unconscious reaction kicks in and we shoot a dark arrow at ourselves, life or others.  
Perhaps we experience frustration, anger, blame, shame or guilt, maybe we slide into apathy, judgement, comparison or feel like a failure.
No matter what the flavour of a dark arrow reaction is for us in the moment, it will always undermine our Self-concept & how we view and show up in our world. 

If we are willing, we may heal the triggers and break the 7 dark arrows, choosing instead to pick up the 7 light arrows.
We start with the first light arrow of Self-awareness, as it will shift our focus to the Self and remind us that we are a work in progress. 
The 2nd light arrow of Self-appreciation assists us to recognize the learning, development and accomplishments we have already made, fostering gratitude within us that in turn empowers us to continue on our journey.
From this place, we can pick up the 3rd light arrow of Self-acceptance. This shows us the form of our journey towards growth & development; there will be people and situations popping up in our lives challenging us from time to time, this is how we learn & grow.
How we decide to continue our life’s journey is up to us – we can, if we desire, pick up the 4th light arrow and learn through pleasure, instead of the pain & suffering of the 7 dark arrows.

The full & comprehensive teaching of the 7 Arrows is part of our year program. If this resonates, you are most welcome to join our annual Open Weekend to experience more!