The Circle & the Council of Law

with Batty Thunderbear Crosses Bridges Gold
6–9 December 2018

Welcome to a 4-day residential seminar of teachings, personal & group ceremonies, practical explorations, and applied results.
The intent of this seminar is far-reaching & very pertinent to the times we live in now:

  • How can we create real justice in the governing of communities, interest groups, foundations & corporations, instead of a never-ending battle for power and dominance?
  • How do we stay in alignment with Sacred Law (The laws that govern creation) and harvest the benefit for everyone involved?
  • Integrity is our most valuable personal asset; how do we live in abundance and co-empower self, life, and others for the next 7 generations and beyond?
  • How do we honour the principles of individuality, autonomy, freedom, female/male balance and equality as part of a collective?
  • What are the general guidelines for maturation into truth and inner peace that give us the necessary foundation for peace with others?

About Batty Thunderbear
Batty is a Twisted Hair medicine man & teacher. Since the beginning of the 1980’s, he has travelled all over our Grandmother planet bringing his deep Shamanic knowledge, ceremonial alchemy/magic & Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality to SMSD Lodges & Longhouses.
He is a well-seasoned, experienced guide of ceremonial medicine – adventure journeys, visiting shamanic traditions & power spots in the Himalayas, Mexico, Guatemala, Australia & New Zealand.
These experiences have made him a brilliant translator of the wisdom & knowledge from many ancient shamanic traditions into a language/syntax that speaks to the specific needs of our society today, without losing any of the beauty or alchemical power.
Batty empowers the individual to approach enlightenment by taking responsibility for their life, to ‘lighten up’ as they gain knowledge & learn through pleasure.

The Venue
This seminar will be held at Evje Gård, a working organic farm ( that facilitates many different seminars, workshops & retreats. The farm is situated in the tranquil countryside 2 hrs N/W of Oslo, Norway.
In December, we will experience the magic of winter; warmed by log fires & refreshed by the crystal, pristine nature.
All meals served are organic, made with produce from the farm & other local producers.

Registration & Costs
This seminar is sponsored by the Rainbow Light Warriors Lodge.
Seminar price (incl.meals & lodging) = Euro 690
Early bird price (full payment received by 1st Oct 2018) = Euro 590

For further information & registration contact:

Registration closes 1st Nov 2018 & there is a limit of 25 participants for this seminar.