Shamanic Sisterhood Circle

Date: 2nd September 2023
Time: 11:00 – 20:30
Location: Evje Gård, Sigdal

The SMSD Path of the Twisted Hairs is a matriarchal spiritual tradition.
Our Shamanic Sisterhood Circle offers teachings, practices, and ceremonies that will guide, support, and empower women to meet the many challenges of our modern culture and lifestyles.

Women are Earth beings. Our wombs are intimately connected to our Grandmother Planet Earth and her Sister Moon. Becoming aware, developing, and learning how to utilize this connection is how women naturally create, or birth, their inner balance, maturity, healing, and growth.

You are invited to a day of rejuvenation with the Sacred Waters.
The Twisted Hairs teach that the water element is connected to and resonates with our emotions.
E- Motion = energy in motion.
Water makes up approximately 70% of our planet Earth and 70% of our bodies.
All known life on Earth depends on clean water.
Unfortunately, water pollution is one of the challenges we face in our world today. This is not only the waters of our environment, but also polluted inner waters, our emotions, and our hearts.

Our day will include:

  • Purification Lodge ceremony
  • Teachings
  • Talking stick reflection circles

This is full day including preparation and restoring of the ceremonial space.

Price: NOK 1 750 (to cover material expenses and the teaching fee).
Our SMSD ceremonial protocol requires you to bring medicine gifts for the Dance Chief and the Fire crew, and a package of tobacco (without additives) to hold and bridge your intent from substance to spirit.

Facilitator: Nicola Samad
Nicola is one of our Lodge leaders and a gifted ceremonialist, teacher, mentor, and guide who continues to expand her knowledge and experience through her own gateway process as a Twisted Hair.
Her ability to create a welcoming, supportive, and inspiring group matrix comes from a strong heart space with clear awareness and a genuine understanding of how lasting change and desired transformation occur.

To register send an email to:
Registration closes 20 August

This is the first in a series of day-long gatherings to learn from The 5 Sacred Elements of Creation
Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and the Void are the foundation of life on our planet, together they create the balance and stability that makes all Life possible. To flourish we must also have a stable elemental foundation to build upon in our lives, and so this series focuses on experiential connection and alignment with the Sacred Elements.