The following teachings are a sample from this gateway:

The Human Flowering Tree
These teachings are a key that open the door to our Natural Self, that is, who we were born to be. We learn the ‘anatomy’ of our Luminosity (aura) and how it works together with our physical body to create our state of health, our perception of reality and our connection to Creation.

The 5 Attentions within the 5 Minds and the 6 States of Consciousness
Here we discover the nature of our mind and the scope of human consciousness. We learn techniques and practices that will develop the different attentions and heighten our awareness so we feel the effects our inner dialogue has on us and how it colours our perception of reality.
This ‘felt’ knowledge gives us an experiential understanding of the Mind-Body connection – how we create our reality. With continued practice, we clear the mind so that it is receptive to the guidance of our own innate wisdom.

The 5 Evolutionary States
This is a comprehensive overview of our human evolutionary potential.
We begin by investigating the stages of individual development and the evolutionary stages within our human collectives; family, image-makers, society and culture to discover how we may have been conditioned and therefore blocked, from expressing our True Nature.
Our investigation proceeds to include the evolutionary spirals of the Soul’s emotion, or energy in motion, also known as the Wheel of our Akashic Records. This is the process of our Soul’s maturation.
This knowledge allows us to recognise our potential, and the techniques, practices, and ceremonies support us to actualise this potential.

The Star Maidens Circle (SMC) and The Infinity Movement
We learn how to use the SMC to reveal how we, often unconsciously, design our energy as we go through our day to day lives. The design we run creates patterns in how we think, react and behave. Discovering the patterns gives us invaluable insights into how some patterns sabotage us, block us from health, cause difficulties in our relationships, put us into separation, and repress the complete expression of our Natural Self.
Once we understand how these unproductive energy patterns are formed it is possible to use the knowledge of the Infinity Movement to change or break them, and redesign our energy to create productive or procreative patterns that manifest the true needs and desires we have for our life.