Shamanic Brotherhood Circle

Date: 27-28 April 2024
Location: Evje Gård, Sigdal

The theme for the weekend is:

  • How to balance female receptive creative energy & male active conceptive energy?
  • Ceremonies to refine one’s character and bring more balance into everyday life
  • Constructing a sweat lodge/transformation lodge
  • Brotherhood dinner – nutrition & soul food
  • Conducting a purification lodge/transformation lodge ceremony!

We invite you to learn and experience some basic teachings from the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and to be an active participant in ceremonies. The ceremonies shed light on how a man can refine his character and become a balanced patriarch in the times we live in now. This means understanding how one is part of the problem and how, with stronger force, one can become part of the solution to today’s challenges. This applies both on a personal and collective level.

Set aside the weekend and join the transformation!

Facilitator: Anders “Life Spirit” Naess is a qualified Purification Lodge DC in the Sweet Medicine Sundance Tradition through the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society and co-lodge leader for the Rainbow Light Warriors Lodge in Norway, together with Nicola “Earth Snake” Samad.

To participate in the brotherhood circle, contact Anders Næss at or on mobile: 95759765.

Registration closes on 8 April, 2024.