Shamanic Brotherhood Circle

Date: 27th August 2023
Time: 11:00 – 20:30
Location: Evje Gård, Sigdal

Rainbow Light Warriors Lodge invites you to a day of brotherhood teachings and ceremony.

This day we will focus on the feminine and the masculine energies, to understand how the balance or imbalance of these energies affect all aspects of our everyday life, especially our ability to breathe life into our work and visions, and unfold our True Spirit Personality here on Earth.

The teachings will not serve you final answers but the wheels and keys will guide you to seek your own answers within powerful alchemical ceremony. Your dialogue with Spirit and the ceremony only requires your own intention and presence.

  • Purification Lodge ceremony
  • Teachings
  • Talking stick reflection circles

This is full day including preparation and restoring of the ceremonial space.

Price: NOK 1 750 (to cover material expenses and the teaching fee).
Our SMSD ceremonial protocol requires you to bring medicine gifts for the Dance Chief and the Fire crew, and a package of tobacco (without additives) to hold and bridge your intent from substance to spirit.

Facilitator: Anders Life Spirit Næss
Anders is a dedicated spiritual warrior, leading, teaching, and guiding others towards real and lasting spiritual growth. With deep awareness and personal experience, he serves as a catalyst for personal development, empowering individuals on their unique paths of transformation.

To register send an email to:
Registration closes on 22 August