We enter the 3rd Gateway to bring together all that we have learned and experienced from the previous gateways and create a form that will maintain and sustain us to continue further, if we so desire.
We integrate the knowledge we have gained by navigating through the 5 Movements of the Book of Life: Erasing personal history, Meeting Death as an Ally, Stopping the World, Controlling the Dream and Assuming Authority by taking our Power. This fuels our spiritual determination to align even deeper with Creation and gives us the opportunity to evolve further, if we choose, to become awake, alert and aware to our True Nature.

The Art of Controlled Dreaming
Attention = Power
Dreaming has tonal (3rd dimension) and nagual (5th dimension) components. Everything that manifests in the 3rd dimension is dreamed in the 5th dimension first. For this reason it is preferable to be aware of what we are dreaming.
We are introduced to the different levels of dreaming and practice techniques that enable us to wake up, become aware of our dreaming and gain control, or hone our attention, within our dream – life experience.

Our understanding and skill in using the Star Maiden’s Circle is taken to the next level, where we discover how to map out and put into practice our own individual, original Dharmic Life Pattern.

In this gateway, we are also introduced to The Healing Paradigm of the Twisted Hairs, which is an highly sophisticated, holistic body of teachings, techniques, tools and empowering healing ceremonies that enable us to not only treat symptoms, but identify and deal with the primary cause of sickness, disease and illness.