The intent of the first gateway is to discover your path with heart and explore your relationship to the Worlds of Grandmother Earth. It is the beginning of the journey towards healing and connection.

Within this gateway are the following teachings:

The Elements – This is a basic and effective introduction to the laws of energy and alchemy initiates the process of balancing the 5 aspects of Self (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual & sexual), by establishing a firm foundation through direct connection to the Elements of Creation and the Powers of the Four Directions.

The 20 Count is a numerical system that supports our understanding of the energetic vibrational qualities, or powers, of Creation. We use this system to discover how the ‘outer’ world’s energies relate to each other, and where and how they resonate within us. This allows us to step out of feelings of separation.
As Above, So Below – As Within, So Without.

The Star Maidens Circle is a code wheel, or key that unlocks the door into our psyche. It can show us our wounding, conditioned reactions, fears, etc. and also our true needs, desires and unique gifts.
Self-knowledge and healing enables us to make different choices and discover new ways how to experience and meet life.

The Moon Cycles show the natural cycles of learning and development that all humans take from birth to death. It is a map of the Wheel of Life.
When we are consciously aware of where we are within our personal life cycle we can see how a particular movement, shift or change will align us with the greater cycles of Creation.
This knowledge allows us to co-create and optimise our growth and development.