The Norwegian affiliate of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society


IMG_0669The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path of the Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Council of Elders is an ancient system of spiritual knowledge that contains profound insights into our essence and purpose as humans, and our interrelationship with Nature and the Universe. This knowledge gives us the means to discover the nature of our spirit and our substance, and is a pathway to becoming a Sacred Human, that is, a human that dances through life in an harmonious and balanced way, making a positive difference for themselves, others and our Grandmother Planet Earth.anders-hawaii2012

“Our intent is to make the Shields of Knowledge of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path available for all humans who earnestly seek personal growth and spiritual evolution.” (Lodge leaders – Nicola and Anders)

SMSD Sacred Wheels & Keys – Students are introduced and encouraged to explore the circular thinking found within the Wheels and Keys of Knowledge of this Path. Wheels, or circles have been used since always, within ancient teachings, as tools to describe and understand the ways of the Universe. Linear existence is considered to be an illusion. There is no beginning or end when one views life from within a circle. There are simply changing points of reference around the Wheel of Life.

Open Weekend
Each year we hold an ‘Open Weekend’ for those who are interested in the SMSD Path to come experience the beauty & power of the ceremonies, the depth of the teachings, ask questions – find out if this is a Path that speaks to their heart.

Our next Open Weekend is 25 – 27 August 2017.
If you are interested to attend, please use the contact page.

The Gateway Process is the underlying structure that guides and supports a student’s awakening, growth and development. Within each gateway are a series of initiations, teachings, ceremonies and tasks that bring knowledge of Self and Life for healing and expansion. (read more)

A Shamanic Purification Lodge promotes cleansing and health in all our aspects. Our purification lodges are open to all who wish to experience the beauty and healing of this powerful ceremony.
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Ceremonial Drumming & Chanting is an integral part of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and the Twisted Hair tradition. The drum is an extremely powerful medicine tool and the voice is a key to gaining valuable and valid insights into the state of our Natural Self.
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